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  • Mayada Ashraf

How to Transform Customer Experience in Motor insurance with Remote Loss Adjustment

The insurance sector is one of the fastest sectors in adapting its practices and utilizing new digital technologies. These technologies can help with an array of different aspects of the business, including improving customer services and experience, preventing fraud, and automatically responding to claims. What’s more according to a recent survey, the COVID-19 pandemic pushed for even further digitization and automation in the industry which has allowed for greater profits because of the ability to utilize remote loss adjustment.

The digitization of insurance

Insurance models used to be deeply personal, with an insurer being in close communication with the insured person. However, the digitization of insurance companies has allowed the insurance service to move beyond being person-centric into being service-centric. Policyholders will often try to find the option that provides them with the best customer experience, in terms of premiums, contracts, claims management and speed, compensation, and loss adjustments. A good insurance company will allow most of these services to easily be fulfilled remotely and thus, the need for a personal connection is often minimized in favor of speed and efficiency.

The importance of automated claims management for improving customer experience

The claims process is perhaps the most important aspect of the digital customer experience. When claims are filed by a policyholder there is often a certain need for urgency. With an online application, the necessary claim forms can be filed immediately through a portal and thus, can reach the hands of either an adjuster or the agent who will approve a small claim faster.

Automation allows for the claim to move faster through the necessary verification process as photographs and videos can often be uploaded and used by a remote loss adjuster to assess and evaluate the damage. This greatly reduces the time it takes for a claim to be looked into while reducing the chances of fraud cases. In part, this is because of the features that allow for live tracking of the situation through recordings and photographs.

Shortening processing times for claims can help improve customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is also strongly linked to better retention rates. Thus, through the use of these automated tools an insurance company will lose fewer clients to another company.

What is live streaming technology? What are the benefits of the remote survey using live streaming technology for insurance companies and the overall customer experience?

Live streaming technology allows policyholders to create and share videos instantly with their loss adjuster. This means that instead of the insurance company needing to send someone on sight to assess the damages from an accident, they can instead proceed with that part of the claim remotely. Essentially this is a great way for insurance companies to not have to send an internal or external surveyor to inspect the vehicle and all of the damage. This can save an insurance company time and money, while it can also lead to the fastest assessment of the damage and thus, the quicker handling of claims and cases.

The way this process works is relatively simple. The loss adjuster will contact the repair shop and arrange for a remote appointment. At the time of the appointment, both the shop and the surveyor will directly connect through the use of either a phone or other device with filming capabilities.

The loss adjuster will then be tasked with guiding the service facility in a way that will allow them to best inspect the vehicle and assess the damage. The session is usually recorded so that physical evidence can also exist and accompany the claim assessment.

For this process to be possible the necessary automation tools must be used by the insurance company. Motori is one of the leading companies in the provision of digitization features for insurance companies, including Loss adjuster services. Motori’s AI-based loss adjuster service allows companies to reduce the time it takes to process a claim, assesses damages, and determine the outcome. The platform is not only easy to use but it allows for all requests to be easily streamlined through one software.

With Motori an insurance company can have:
  • Accurate real-time evaluations.

  • Direct access to certified loss adjusters through the platform.

  • Increased speed in processing claims.

  • Increased customer satisfaction and retention rates.

  • Reduced costs for loss adjustment.

  • Speed and Ease in communications.

  • Monitoring capabilities.

  • Expert efficiency as loss adjusters will have the necessary information and technology to assess cases.


With insurance, the need for automation is becoming clearer with every passing day. The increased customer satisfaction and reduction in costs for the insurer make the use of this automation tool a must for modern-day companies. To learn more about how Motori loss adjusters services, contact us today.


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