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Accident Notification With Risk Score

Leverage a distinctive competitive edge and get alerted on accident occurrence to reach your customers proactively

An instant full report to reveal the accident details for insurance companies

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Motori’s Accident notification with risk score service represents an unprecedented massive shift in the motor insurance industry, as it delivers the urgently needed accident details for all insurance parties, furthermore it enables insurance companies in particular to obtain:

  • Instant risk score analysis

  • Risk analysis to all accident parties.

  • Risk score recalculation.

  • Detailed risk score report.

  • Integration with the loss adjusters.

Accident notification with risk score service also has a major impact on insurance companies' workflow for providing the following:

  • A prompt notification once an accident occurs, which is known as the first notification of las (FNOL)  to eradicate incurred but not reported accidents (IBNR).

  • Automated claims registration which saves at least 15 mins for each claim registration.

  • Customer experience enhancement by proactively reaching them once an accident occurs.

  • Automated and instant calculation for claims risk score on all accidents.

Motori’s Accident notification with risk score service relies on machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to help insurers eliminate fraud claims by:

  • Flagging high potential fraud claims at (FNOL) stage.

  • Utilizing more than 30 factors that assess historical records and current accident circumstances.

  • Applying business roles to refer high-risk claims to internal or external investigators.

  • Allowing insurance companies to set risk weights and priorities and/or add more risk score factors through the dynamic engines.


Our strategic alliance with Motori allows us to offer innovative solutions to the Omani market and to be a lead partner to the stakeholders in the motor insurance industry in Oman. With decades of experience across a breadth of industries in Oman through its parent company Khimji Ramdas LLC, Khimji Ramdas ICT division is dedicated to offering technology solutions to the Omani market.

Meenal Madavi

Division Head of ICT Infrastructure Cluster at Khimji Ramdas LLC


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