About Motori

About Us

MOTORI was established in Masdar City, UAE, as one of the leading providers of smart digital one-stop-shop services for the insurance industry.

With our innovative solutions, we empower insurance companies, brokers, workshops and other businesses involved in the industry with intelligent technologies that connect them in a single platform. We enable them to digitally transform and to significantly achieve more.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to be the largest provider of one-stop-shop digital services in the insurance market. 

We have taken on the vision of integrating the public and the private sector into a single platform to achieve significant digital transformation of the motor insurance sector.

CEO Message

 Customer Success and happiness in the insurance industry and to create a benchmark and a unique standard for digital services connecting its stakeholders together. We are not only transforming the industry across the chain, but we are also adding significant value to vehicle owners.

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